Forms & Permits

Voter Forms

Application for Absentee Ballot: GAB-121

Voter Registration: EL 131

Residential Construction Forms

All Informational Building Permit Forms must be received and submitted to the Building Inspector 5 days prior to the Town Board meeting for review.

Town of New Denmark permit requirement 2022

Building Permit requirements 2022

Electronic Building Permit - Flow Chart

On January 1st 2020 the State of Wisconsin is taking over inspections for all commercial and industrial installations.  Applications and scheduling take place electronically and for a short time paper applications will be allowed. The following is a link to the Department of Safety and Professional services with additional information.

Link to the electronic building permit application process and FAQ's:

Informational Building Form- No fee required.

New Residential Fee Schedule 2023-2025 Please contact Scott Beining, Building Inspector, for Fee Amount for new home construction.  An additional administrative fee of $100.00 shall be payable to the Town of New Denmark.

New Denmark Commercial permit

New Denmark Residential accessory / remodel permit application

Residential Deck Construction Guide

Driveway/Culvert Permit - $70.00 fee required.

Nonconforming use application 2021Permit $175.00 fee

Rezoning/Variance Requests

A fee of $275.00 is required when submitting the application along with a proposed map which depicits the proposed zoning change (if a parcel is being subdivided) for a zoning change and/or a drawing of the proposed new construction or addition if a variance is being requested.  The completed application and payment can be mailed to the Town Clerk at 5993 W. Cherney Road, Denmark, WI 54208.

Rezoning Application - $275.00 fee required.

Variance Application - $275.00 fee required.

Conditional use application (1)  $175 fee required & other fees may apply.

Deer Carcass Pick Up on Town or County Roadways

Please call the Brown County Highway Department at (920) 492-4925 to report the pick up location.

Dog Licenses

Every dog over 5 months of age must have a current rabies shot and a license.  Fees for SPAYED OR NEUTERED DOGS are $10.00 otherwise, the license will be $15.00. To obtain a license, please complete the attached application and include the appropriate fee and mail to:

Michelle Wallerius, Clerk/Treasurer 5993 W. Cherney Road, Denmark, WI 54208.

Please contact Michelle if you have any questions about obtaining a license: (920) 863-5523

Dog License Application

Municipal Candidate Forms for Town Officials

All documents must be filed with the Clerk on or before January 4th in an odd number year (2023, 2025) for the election in

For Town Board Member, Clerk/Treasurer, Assessor and Municipal Judge. 
ELIS-7 Ballot Access Checklist for Municipal Candidates where Nomination Papers are Used [for Spring 2023]

Note:  A municipality may enact an ordinance establishing a code of ethics for public officials that may require a candidate for municipal office, in addition to the office of municipal judge, to file a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI).  Please contact the municipal clerk to find out if this requirement applies.

Bartendar Application

Operator's License Application  (Bartender license) $8.00 fee required